In the great country of Italy, you can do so many things. There is so much history there, and it is a very romantic place to be. Picture the surroundings, the music, the food, the kisses, and some of the places to visit include all of that. Out of all the countries in the world, I have always wanted to visit Italy the most. Israel would outrank Italy, but it’s not really safe there. Allow me to show you around Italy a little bit, and I’m going to do that buy telling you about five of the best attractions.

There are so many great cities in Italy. The first attraction I’m going to tell you about is the Colosseum, which is in Rome. In the city of Rome, there are over 1700 attractions. Say what? That’s quite a big number for one city, don’t you think? The Colosseum is located at Piazza Del Colosseo. There is a guided tour, and reviews also mention a skip the line ticket for combining this attraction with two others.

If you want to see more, that might be a good idea, doing so and saving money. It depends on what you want to do and make time for though, as there are thousands of attractions all over Italy.

I have just taken you to Rome so far. It is time to move on to another city for this next attraction. The Canal Grande is a great place to visit in Venice, Italy. Venice would definitely be a great city to visit overall, too.

Now let’s look at the 3rd attraction on this list of five top things to do in Italy. What city do you think we will visit virtually this time? It is time to head to the city of Turin, and the attraction is the Egyptian Museum of Turin.

The Egyptian Museum of Turin features an audio guide and a really large collection according to reviews.

The 4th attraction is taking us back to Venice. At first, I was going to go to a new city each time, but I decided to do one more in this city. Palazzo Ducale is located at Piazza San Marco, and it really seems like an interesting place with plenty of focal points. For example, there is Doge’s Palace and a prison area.

The 5th and final attraction on this list is Spiaggia Dei Conigli, and the picture of the beach looks amazing.

It is a really unique beach, and it says you have to take a small hike to get to it, too. Plenty of people evidently go there though. You are talking about a pristine beach with crystal clear water.

That sounds like an awesome list of things to do in Italy. Interestingly enough, I didn’t bring you to the city of Florence, which is one of the cities I would want to visit. So make sure that you also check out attractions for Florence, Italy if you are going to plan out that vacation.